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How to Protect Yourself from Facebook Hack

Facebook has become a popular online platform for socializing all over the world. In fact, many people are addicted to using this social media network several hours a day everyday. Some people use it to keep in touch with their friends while some have had the luck to use Facebook as a way for them to reach their long lost relative or friend and be able to meet them again after several years of separation. Indeed, there are many uses for Facebook, from simple ones to more serious and useful purposes.

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However, even if Facebook seems to be a user-friendly platform, it is prone to hacking. The security team of Facebook constantly changes their security algorithms to prevent attackers from hacking into user accounts. Still, it is inevitable for some users to experience attacks on their account. As a user, it is on your shoulders to protect your own account. The efforts made by the Facebook team should only be secondary.

Here are some tips on how you can secure your Facebook account:

  • Utilize strong passwords.
    What characterizes a strong password? A strong password is a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, punctuation marks, and digits. The longer your password is the better. Do not use names, birthdays, and other information that will be easy for attackers to figure out. Make it your tasks to research the common passwords used so that you can steer clear from these when creating your account password.
  • Make regular password changes to prevent Facebook hack.
    To become more secure, make sure that you regularly change your password. Ideally, you should change it once a month. Everytime you are sent a notice by Facebook that someone is trying to access your account from an unfamiliar location or device, you should immediately change your password. In creating a new password, always go back to the tips above.
  • Be careful of who you befriend on Facebook.
    This applies to whom you send friend requests and whom you accept requests from. You may be enticed to accept someone because he or she seems popular or interesting. However, it is important to make some simple investigations about their background first. A user requesting to be your Facebook friend may end up just being a poser and not the true identity and accounting of the user you are expecting him or her to be.
  • Be wary of apps and links spread all over Facebook.
    There are so many apps, games, and link spread all over Facebook. Just because a majority of your Facebook friends are using these apps or games does not mean that they are safe. You have to investigate the legitimacy of these apps and games as well. When you see links posted by your friends on their timeline or sent to you on your messenger, think many times first before clicking. These links may not have been sent by intention. They may have been sent as a result of your friend contracting a virus on his or her account.